Created By

Shaun Wilson – director, Primetime
Matt Warren – curator and artist, Nightscene
David Patman – UNTV concept
Travis Tiddy – executive producer
7UN radio remix by Miyuki Jokiranta and Unconscious Collective

The Unconformity

Travis Tiddy – artistic director
Kate Harrison – general manager
Kiah Davey – production coordinator
Helena Demczuk – coordination
Sam Denmead – marketing and promotion
Lea Walpole – graphic design of print promotion


Shaun Wilson – director/producer
Kate Fox – co-producer
Matthew Scott – cinematographer
Tobi Armbruster – sound recordist
Alex Laird – additional editing
Heath Brown – Enigma 13 original score
Tom Smith – UNTV network graphics

Bryony Geeves
Matt Burton
Emesha Rudolf
Nathan Spencer
Dylan Hesp
Rob Braslin
Sara Pensalfini
Justin Bryan

Joy Chappell
Keith Corbett
Raymond Arnold
Red Mills

Phil Evans
David Fitzpatrick
Zara Trihey
Lea Walpole
Tony Weare
Doona Auderset
Toby McCrae

Curated Film and Video
palawa creation story film, commissioned by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery for the 2020 exhibition 'WEST: Out on the Edge', courtesy Jillian Mundy, project contributors and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

'How To See Through Fog', courtesy Thomas Hyland

'Big Stories, Small Towns' videos of Andrew Bell, Allie Hume and Harold, courtesy Raef Sawford, Steve Thomas, Anna Grieve and Martin Potter

'Toing & Froing', courtesy Raef Sawford

UNTV acknowledges the generous support of Libraries Tasmania for providing archival film of Tasmania's West Coast

Key Extras
Johan Mulder
Adri Mulder
Lea Walpole
Benjamin John Harper
Megan Peck
Kelly Whitmore
Bethany Millard 
Kiah Davey

'The Event' Extras
Joy Chappell, David Ward, Megan Peck, Kelly Whitmore, Bethany Millard, Peagan Williams, Owen Williams, Asher Williams, Cade Williams, Stella Williams, Brooklyn Gehrke, Rick Snell, Megan O'Donnell, Emilie Lewellyn Simons, Chris Burton, Lyn League, Mark Doran, Peter Winskill, David Wheele, Greg Blake, Calin Jones, Rajanie Jones, Brad Hohnke, Travis Tiddy, Phil Evans, Gus Llundt, Troy Payne, Nate Crump, Anthony Coulson, Justin Bryan, Adrian Mattiske, Hannah Vermeulen, Timothy Vermeulen, Isabella Stone

Location Owners
Mt Lyell Mine – Copper Mines of Tasmania
Western Art Space –  Raymond Arnold and Helena Demczuk
Bachelors Quarry – Joe Gaspersic
Paragon Theatre – Joy Chappell and Anthony Coulson
Gold Rush Inn – Bernie Schwarz
Soggy Brolly Studio – Lea Walpole
The Majestics – David Fitzpatrick
The Empire Hotel
Q Bar

Other Thanks
Railway IGA Supermarket for power during 'The Event'
West Coast Council for in-kind support and use of council facilities
Karen Reakes for use of her Commodore
Bill Tiddy for gravel delivery


Created by
Matt Warren
David Patman

Commissioned and Curated Artists
Tara Marynowsky
Sally Rees
Jordan Baseman
Julie Gough
Claire Clark-Robertson and Dave Clark-Robertson
Sean Bacon
Martin Walch
Gail Priest
Evil Goat
Rahni Allan
The Low Tone Orchestra
Matt Warren
Dead Voices On Air
Coeur Atomique
Selena de Carvalho
Scot Cotterell

Nightscene Seraphim
Michelle Boyde
Michelle Maynard
Sara Wright
Mae Maynard

Music Performances and Guest Programming
Amy Pegg
Cone Smashers
Big Alcatraz
Andrew Bell

Special Appearance
Matt Burton

Other Thanks
Murray High School class of '88-'89 leavers, Megan Crump and Lea Walpole

UNTV West Coast Activation

Rosie Pidd – production management
Sam Cole – technical assistance
Finn Carter – technical assistance
Jack Robert-Tissot – photography
Dylan Sheridan – public TV installation
Helen Jenkinson, Gus Llundt, Troy Payne, Darren Szumski, Chris Burton, Doc Doran, Madison Gehrke, Brooke Gehrke – front of house
The UNTV team would like to thank all partnering West Coast galleries, businesses and venues who screened the project

Technical Partners

Neon Jungle – web design
Alive Technologies Group – online streaming

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The Unconformity acknowledges the palawa people as the original and traditional custodians of lutruwita/Tasmania. We commit to working respectfully to honour their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this land.